We bring a structured, engaging, and
analytical approach to positioning our
clients for success in a highly competitive,
rapidly commoditizing marketplace.

Mosaic Partners
Value Migration Model

The “better quality” game traps your sales team in feature and function conversations. Delivering customer solutions and creating unique customer experiences, at scale, is the pathway to winning in the marketplace.

We work side-by-side with your team to expand how you create value, improve your messaging, and realize your growth ambitions.

Differentiating for Competitive Advantage

Your customers demand more than a quality product at a good price. New competitors are redefining the rules of the game, and the dynamics of the market are radically evolving with AI-aided business models. New insights and new investments are needed to overcome the status quo, create market differentiation, and capture a competitive advantage.

How and where are you gaining new insights to develop new priorities, programs, experiences, and innovations for unmatched customer value? We provide the pathway for value discovery and facilitate strategic thinking sessions to turn new insights into innovation and investments into sustainable advantage. 

Our strategic thinking facilitation sessions are informed by:

In-depth customer interviews
and revenue analysis

Focused competitive analysis
and market positioning

Insightful employee and
leadership conversations

Review of company capabilities,
assets and processes

Some questions we ask to uncover new insights:

Do you know why your customers buy and not just what they buy?

What are your customers’ growth strategies and where are they making investments for the future?

How do customers perceive you and how is this perception impacting their relationship with your company?

How do your create value and differentiate beyond selling a great product/service?

How does your culture create value for your customers?

Is your sales team engaging to sell products or solve something big for your customers?

Strategic Planning: Focus, Alignment, and Action

Structure and facilitate powerful conversations across your organization to galvanize the Leadership Team around a common pathway for growth, innovation, and competitive advantage. Our process works with your team to expand the possibilities for growth and delivers a detailed plan to achieve short-term goals while positioning the company for future success. The Strategic Planning process will help your leadership team define a range of potential growth options, a prioritized list of growth strategies, and actions / investments to capture and sustain growth.

We help you unleash the power of your business and potential of your team through accelerated 1-day strategic workshops or an intensive strategic transformation planning processes.

We facilitate leadership sessions covering:

Define/refine mission, vision, and values (North Star)

Develop growth challenges, objectives and goals (Next Mountain to Climb)

Assessment of current capabilities and external opportunities/threats.

Aligned and prioritized strategies and initiatives.

Action plan with timing, responsibilities and investment estimates.

3-year financial modeling (work with your finance team)

CMO Partnering: Leading and Aligning for Impact

Innovating value requires change…and change requires leadership. There will be a time in your growth cycle to hire a marketing leader and to build a marketing function, but not now! You need to partner with an experienced marketing professional to sit at the table with your leadership team and drive sustainable growth, now! From strategy development to execution leadership – we help you innovate value, enable sales, build community and manage growth plans. And we will help you define what you need in a full-time marketing leader.

Why lock yourself in a marketing hire while your needs are evolving so quickly? Take an innovative approach to increasing your marketing presence and selling opportunities with a marketing leader that has worked across many different sizes and types of organizations with a varied set of growth challenges.

Our critical priorities to help you drive revenue and create unmatched customer value:

Provide sales team with messaging, collateral and coaching to target and acquire new customers.

Define value proposition and differentiation for innovation and market advantage.

Improve and align traditional and digital messaging touchpoints.

Develop a content strategy and marketing plan to drive engagement and develop new opportunities.

Partner with the leadership team to integrate go-to-market growth strategies across the organization.

Develop internal marketing programs, process and people to sustain growth and innovation.

Helping businesses identify, capture, and clearly communicate a unique market position to achieve their greatest potential.

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