Elevating your value to achieve
your career aspirations is our passion. 

Leadership Coaching

Developing the Capacity
to Compete and Win!

Mosaic Partners helps current and emerging leaders shape their perspective and presence from contributing to leading, from directing to influencing, and from controlling resources to developing the capacity to win.

Our objective is to modify, enhance or reinforce behaviors that deliver measurable value for the company, its people, and the developing leader. Our expected coaching outcome is a more competent, confident, and effective leader that shows up to have greater impact and influence now…and into the future.

Our process:

Chemistry Session

to ensure compatibility, openness and trust.

Goal setting

and expectation alignment to focus learning and development efforts.

360 interviews

to gain feedback and elevate self-awareness.


to challenge thinking, shape perspective, and enhance executive presence.

Action plans

to expand what's possible and move closer to your potential.

The transition from an outstanding contributor to a highly effective leader is difficult to manage without the support of new communication methods, new decision models, new engagement processes, and new ways of seeing self. 

Personal Branding for Creating Uncommon Value

We use our experiences of building brand for companies of 1,000 and apply this to a company of 1, YOU!

When building your brand, how you position yourself makes all the difference in the world. If you begin all conversations as an extension of your resume then you will be trapped by your history, past experiences and “the functional view of what you do.” We help you escape the confines of your resume to develop, communicate and demonstrate a unique, differentiated and compelling value proposition. Who you are today becomes our starting point for where you want to drive your brand tomorrow. We will focus our process on positioning you in the best way possible to get closer to the opportunities that define where you want to go.

We will work together to develop the following Personal Branding deliverables:

  • Personal value proposition and clear points of differentiation.
  • 3 second / 30 second / 3 minute speech.
  • Networking agenda to bring value in every conversation.
  • 1 page bio that includes the types of companies you are targeting…and why.
  • LinkedIn profile and content strategy to expand your connections and influence.
  • Refine and align your resume to be consistent with your personal brand.
  • Interview preparation to move from Q&A to control of the conversation.

Helping businesses identify, capture, and clearly communicate a unique market position to achieve their greatest potential.

Coaching Clients