Reframe Value

Leadership is about defining and framing the right
conversations. We work with clients to engage
consistently across all customer touchpoints.


Customer Assessment and Revenue Audit

Mosaic Partners conducts in-depth interviews with top customers to understand the current and future value of your customer asset. Our process uncovers “at risk” revenue, buying boundaries, relationship challenges, share of wallet, unmet needs and undeveloped growth opportunities. Customer feedback, when structured correctly, will afford you the opportunity to make smart investments that will extend the value of your brand and accelerate growth. We truly believe that companies are disrupted when they lose sight on “why” customers buy and focus only on “what” they buy. Customers will provide valuable insight into how you can leverage existing assets and capabilities to participate in new solution areas.

Value Proposition Development and Competitive Positioning

Mosaic Partners work with clients to translate customer insights and organizational strengths into a compelling and unique value proposition. We perform this in the context of existing and emerging competitors because markets move quickly…and today’s differentiation can quickly become tomorrow’s commoditization. We transform our clients from product-based and “internally” focused to solution-based and “customer” focused. At Mosaic Partners, value is more than words and a tagline. Value requires smart investments to demonstrate, defend and capture a leadership position with your customers and in your markets.

Brand Conversations and Engagement

Brand leadership is about framing, engaging, and owning the right conversation with the right target audience. Mosaic Partners helps you define the conversations that are most meaningful to your company and your clients. We help your sales team “show-up” to carry the conversation forward from initial introduction to sales commitment. We work with your service team to ensure sales conversations are delivered flawlessly during every customer touchpoint. We develop marketing messages to enable sales and provide value to customers and prospects…where and when they want to engage. We have accomplished our objective when everything and everyone communicates with one voice to drive alignment between an extraordinary brand promise and an unmatched customer experience.

Go-to-Market Plans and Execution

Companies that successfully navigate through business altering transitions focus on overcoming immediate growth hurdles while building the marketing capacity to support and enable future revenue growth. We utilize customer insights to build marketing plans at the customer level and market data to develop a robust plan at territory level. We work closely with your team to develop and execute marketing programs to bridge your strategic intent with your current reality. Our clients engage us to provide execution leadership in long-term outsourced arrangements or shorter-term initiative-based assignments. 

Personal Branding

Why Personal Banding:

Branding for a company of 1,000 or a company of 1 (you), we start by developing your unique brand value and then exposing that brand through networking conversations. When building your brand, how you how you position yourself makes all the difference in the world. If you begin all conversations as an extension of your resume then you will be trapped by your history, past experiences and “the functional view of what you do.” Brands must be authentic, but they are aspirational. Brands quickly evolve to add greater value to their target audience. Who you are today becomes our starting point for where you want to drive your brand. We will focus our process on positioning you in the best way possible to get closer to the opportunities that define where you want to go.

The journey will start at the functional view of self, uncover strengths and then define your value proposition.


My top 5 personal branding questions to start the process:

  • How do you describe yourself to someone new (what is your 3 / 30 / 3 speech)? Why these words?
  • What thread ties all your work experiences together?  Not industry, but more based upon need of company, stage of growth, issue they were having, ability to operationalize a concept, etc?
  • What would be missing from your current employer if you decide to leave?
  • What must I know about you to make me lean forward?
  • If you had to write a business blog over the next 12 months, what business topic would you write on?

Personal Branding Tools

Effective Networking

Have an agenda to direct your meeting:

  • Connect: People want to help and work with people they know and like.
  • Understand: It is hard to add value if you don’t know specific things about the person.
  • Add Value: Just because you are in great need doesn’t mean you can’t add great value!!!
  • Communicate Your Story: You have positioned yourself by giving something of interest / value – so go for it.
  • Define How They Can Help: Time to bring out your bio and make a request.
  • Build Action / Commitments: Build in follow-up processes.

Beyond Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding:

  • Authentic shaping of perceptions
  • Positioning you as compelling and differentiated
  • Focusing on creating value and not just capturing value
  • Conversations beyond functional “what you do” to relevant “why you exist”
  • Engaging stories to carry your brand forward
  • Being your most confident self to attract your target audience