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Build Community

Marketing Exchange

The Marketing Exchange is a local networking group organized by Managing Partner Marty McLaughlin. The mission of the Marketing Exchange is to develop a community of marketing executives, across industries and across businesses, who share a passion for learning, developing and exchanging marketing practices that benefit our organizations, our community, and our network members.

The objective of the Marketing Exchange is to create an open, engaging and challenging environment for marketing executives to acquire new best practices marketing knowledge to apply within their environment, grow their network and influence in the marketplace, and retain the sense of value that marketing creates in society, in business, and in you. The Marketing Exchange provides a framework that continually creates value by leveraging the best thinking from the best marketing thought leaders in the local marketplace.

Past Marketing Exchanges

Messaging During a Time of Crisis and Positioning Your Narrative for Success

Date: June 11, 2020

Speaker: Mitch Blacher, investigative journalist of NBC10 and recent Villanova Executive MBA graduate


  • Risks to Manage Are Growing in Complexity
  • ESF – A Case of Getting it Wrong
  • Crisis Management vs. Leadership
  • Better Practices….from Experience

Presentation and Video Clip from The Marketing Exchange – June 11, 2020

Building a Connected and Aligned Marketing Organization

Date: May 6, 2020

Speaker: Andrew Schultz, Group Vice President, Marketing at AmerisourceBergen


  • Evolution of marketing function from decentralized operations to a centralized team
  • Transformation of marketing from expense mindset (cost to be minimized) to investment mindset (MROI)
  • Showing up to create great value – structure of team, planning processes and methods, value modeling, team alignment, new technology, etc.

Video Clip from The Marketing Exchange – May 6, 2020

Redefining the Digital Customer Experience at Subaru of America

Date: December 4, 2019

Speaker: Rob Font, Digital Customer Experience & Marketing Analytics at Subaru of America


  • The Customer Experience Transformation Challenge
  • Technology and Platform Barriers to Growth
  • Structure to Scale
  • Case Examples on the Digital Customer Experience Journey (Data, Measurement, and Touchpoint Improvements)

Presentation and Pictures from The Marketing Exchange – December 4, 2019