To say it lightly, I have benefited greatly from Mentors in my life. To say it boldly and more appropriately, my career and my life have taken a dramatic and measurable turn for the better because of a critical few people that saw more in me than I ever saw in myself…and provided me with well-defined growth opportunities. I’m not so sure why they took the time or interest to invest in me – but I’m forever grateful that they did.

Yes, I could write some mushy pay it forward content about how I’ve helped others because of the debt I owe to my Mentors – and yes, hopefully that is true, but I’d rather just say I got lucky. I don’t want you to have mentoring luck. I want you to have the life-changing opportunities and benefits that an organization-wide Mentoring Program can provide.

I want you to understand that Mentoring is even more important today than it was 25+ years ago – and urge YOU to become an active and vocal advocate for structural and systematic mentoring in your organization.

Mentoring is best when it occurs naturally but the natural interactions at work have been disrupted (potentially forever) because of social distancing, remote workforces, digital transformation, and retiring baby boomers.

The Benefits of Mentoring Include:

  • Overcoming feelings of isolation and separation caused by “work from home.”
  • Accelerating time to value for your most recent hires.
  • Connecting employees to your company beyond “what work they do” to “why they choose to work for you.”
  • Retaining years of invaluable insight, skill and knowledge from those that will be leaving the workforce in mass over the next 3 to 5 years.
  • Moving beyond tactical “feel good” employee events (zoom yoga, zoom happy hour, zoom book clubs, zoom etc.) to cultural “do good” employee engagement.
  • Integrating a multi-generational and increasingly diverse workforce to innovate for future growth (upward mentoring).
  • Providing learning, mentoring, and growth opportunities over the entire employee lifecycle because Mentoring Relationships Change at critical career transition points.

This is my take at a “Enhanced Informal” Mentoring Framework. I have developed and delivered this across many types and sizes of organizations.

I’d love the opportunity to help you bring my passion of Mentoring to your organization. Let me know what you think about the framework. I know, it’s a lot to communicate in one picture.